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Digital Research Tools (DiRT) Has a New Home

I’m pleased to announce that a richer, more powerful version of the Digital Research Tools (DiRT) wiki has now been released, Bamboo DiRT. Please visit http://dirt.projectbamboo.org/ to explore this excellent collection of research tools. With Bamboo DiRT, you can browse by tags and by categories such as “new and updated” and “recommended,” see what tools have been mentioned by sources such as ProfHacker and DH Questions and Answers, and view cleaner, often more detailed resource records. Now a steering committee (of which I am a member) will oversee DiRT, ensuring the quality of metadata and adding new tools. If you’re looking for a tool that will help you analyze data, organize research materials, or publish and share information (and much more), Bamboo DiRT is now an even better place to make such discoveries.


Much of the data in DiRT 1.0 was migrated over to Bamboo DiRT. Since DiRT 1.0 has been superseded, it will no longer be updated, and will remain online only for historical purposes. This means that all DiRT accounts will be closed by July 25, 2012.

I encourage you to add new tools to Bamboo DiRT, recommend resources, and submit reviews; the more people contribute, the more useful Bamboo DiRT becomes.  And please help spread the word!

Thanks to Quinn Dombrowski,Project Bamboo, the Project Team, and the Steering Committee for their excellent work on Bamboo DiRT. Thanks also to everyone who contributed to DiRT 1.0.


Lisa Spiro
DiRT Founding Editor

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