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Social Bookmarking

DiRT (Digital Research Tools) has a new home! Please visit Bamboo DiRT to explore this excellent collection of research tools.


Social bookmarking tools make it easy to bookmark a web page, access your bookmarks through the web, share your bookmarks with others, and discover sites that people with related interests have bookmarked.  Some tools also support annotations.



  • CiteULike: "a free service for managing and discovering scholarly references" (Free, web-based)
  • delicious [Review] "Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source." (Free, web-based)
  • Diigo: [Review] users can bookmark web pages, annotate & highlight them, share them; can also discover resources other people have bookmarked (Free, browser plug-in)
  • Heurist: academic social bookmarking with tagging, rating and workgroup functions; bookmarklet with disambiguation and typing of resources, publishing of filtered lists to web sites (Free service, open source planned 2009)
  • iBreadCrumbs.com: "a recording toolbar for your web browser...iBreadCrumbs.com records all the web pages you visit while you research. Save, review, and share your research with friends or colleagues." (Free, browser-based)
  • Ma.gnolia: social bookmarking application that caches copies of web pages and enables users to share with groups, rate bookmarks, and set privacy levels (Free, web-based)
  • Scholar: academic resource sharing service, customized for education and integrated directly with the Blackboard Learning System (Free, available only to users of the Blackboard Learning System) 


  • SNiPiTRON: [Review] can snip digital content, save it to a central place, and share it (Free, with professional account available; browser-based)
  • Trailfire: can create "trails" (or guides) linking together web sites, add notes, and discover content via other people's trails (Free, browser-based)
  • Twine: Twine helps you organize, share and discover information about your interests, with networks of like-minded people; can use Twine alone, with friends, groups and communities, or even in your company (Free, web-based)
  • WebSlides: for use with Diigo, "convert your bookmarks and feeds and present them as live web pages in an interactive slideshow format - complete with the full conten [SIC] pages, links, comments, and ads"  (Free, web-based)
  • Worldcat.org: a free online catalog of library holdings from around the world, it includes the ability to make and share lists of library books, CDs, DVDs, and even some articles (Free, web-based)





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