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DiRT (Digital Research Tools) has a new home! Please visit Bamboo DiRT to explore this excellent collection of research tools.


Some applications allow you to use mobile devices in the field to record audio, take notes, capture data, and more.



Tools: :

  • AirSharing: "The easiest way to view your documents on the go...Mount your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless drive on any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer." (Commercial, iPhone)

  • Dragon Dictation: Voice recognition app that transcribes your speech. (Commercial; Free; iPhone)

  • EverNote: an application that allows you to capture information of any kind anywhere and synchronize it across all of your devices: "Take snapshots, read to-do lists, record audio whenever and wherever you like." (Free; iPhone, via LifeHacker)

  • Good Reader: "file viewer that supports very large PDF files, USB file transfer, PDF Reflow, PDF & TXT text search, and more" (Commercial; iPhone; via TeleRead)

  • HearPlanet: an application that determines your location and plays audio versions of Wikipedia articles about that place (Free; iPhone, via Digital Campus)

  • InstaPaper: simple tool to save web pages to read later (iPhone, free/ pro version available)

  • Instaviz: "pocket whiteboard."  Mindmapping tool that allows you to draw shapes with your fingers.  (Commercial; iPhone; via Library Journal)

  • Jott: "With a simple phone call to 866-JOTT-123, you can capture notes, set reminders and calendar appointments, stay in touch with friends and family, and interact with your favorite web sites and services" (Free/ad-supported; iPhone, via LifeHacker)

  • Nature mobile: " allows you to access science news stories and the latest published research from Nature Publishing Group."  Features saved searches, zoomable figures, save for later, easy access to references. (Free; iPhone)

  • noter: an application for offline notes/to do lists; allows you to sync with your computer (Subscription-based, iPhone)

  • Papers for the iPhone: an application that allows you access to scholarly references: you can browse articles and metadata, search, read PDFs, share stuff, and backup online (Commercial, iPhone)

  • QuickVoice iPa voice recorder for iPhone & iPod Touch 2G; "can conveniently record voice notes, reminders, dictations, meetings, interviews, shopping lists, to do lists, and even entire lectures and multi-session seminars. Ideal for professional, student, and personal use." (Commercial, iPhone)

  • Rehearsal AssistantSoftware for the Android platform that "allows spoken notes to be recorded and saved into audio files (time-stamped relative to the beginning of the rehearsal run), and later played back." (Free; open source, Android)

  • Roambi Lite:  Visualize data from Excel spreadsheets on your iPhone; visualizations include pie charts, bar graphs & flip charts. (Free, iPhone)

  • Stanza: e-book reader; can also be synchronized with documents from your computer with coordinating Mac/PC desktop software (Free, iPhone)

  • StoryKit: create a digital book that includes photos, drawings, and voice recordings on your iPhone (Free, iPhone)





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