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Google Docs

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Web site: http://docs.google.com

Produced by:  [Google]

Cost: Free

Description: [Service through Google Accnt for online File Sharing]

System requirements: Web Browser

Maturity: [Released 2007]




    Google Docs is a free online application provided to google users to create and share files on the web.  Google Docs allows multiple users to work callaboratively and in real time on shared online documents.  With access to web-based word processesor, spreadsheets, presentation and form applications Google Docs is an incredibly useful service that anyone working on group projects should utilize.  When working without access to the internet documents can be exported and saved on local drives to be used like a normal .xls or .doc.

Usage Senarios:

  • Great for calloborative work where contributors can't meet physically but must work together on a single project.
  • When working across multiple machines, Googledocs allows you to access your documents anywhere (with internet access), anytime from any machine.
  • Great for taking notes

  • Organizing data into spreadsheets


  • Sometimes the spreadsheets don't always export properly to excel, you may just want to stay in the Googledocs app, watch out for formatting getting messed up on the transfer.

Tutorials/ Training:


More information:

  • docs.google.com  




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