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Explanation of Terms


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Date of first edit/ name of editor: 5/14/08 [Tyler Manolovitz]

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Description: Research tools often take advantage of different technologies that may not be commonly understood.  This page will provide information to help you understand the multiple facets of technology you may encounter.


Currently defined terms include:





  • A wiki is a collection of web pages that is accessible by a group of people who are freely able to add or modify content.  Wikis provide a way to take advantage of the collective knowledge of a group of people.  Wikis can be used for public knowledge, such as Wikipedia, or as an intranet for your business. 


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  • A blog (deriving from the phrase "web log") is a frequently updated web site in which individual or institutional contributors share thoughts, news, or other information relevant to the audience.  Entries are often listed in reverse chronological order.


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  • RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a web technology that allows you to receive automatic updates for blogs, news feeds, and other routinely updated web sites.  An RSS Feed can contain a summary of the updated information or the full text of the update.


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Tags/Tag Clouds


  • A tag is a user- or author-generated term or short phrase that describes the subject of an e-mail, blog entry, picture, web site, etc.
  • A tag cloud is often used to visually depict groups of tags organized and weighted by popularity.


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Social Bookmarking


  • Social Bookmarking is a way for internet users to collect and organize bookmarks with the added benefit of using those bookmarks to interact with other users.  Tools such as del.icio.us and Diigo give users unique methods to bookmark, but they also allow users to share those bookmarks with a specified group or with the general public.  These bookmarks are usually tagged or organized, allowing users to browse bookmarks based on their content.


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