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Web site: www.connotea.org/

Date of first review/ name of reviewer: 5/14/08 [Abe Korah]

Additional reviewer(s):

Produced by:  Nature Publishing Group

Cost: Free

Description: Connotea is an online social bookmarking tool that saves citations from databases, articles, and web pages.

Platform: Web-based

License: GNU General Public License

Maturity: v1.8



  • Efficiently save and organize links to references from databases, PDF documents, and web pages
  • Assign tags to materials
  • References can be public, private or shared
  • Import and export to desktop reference tools
  • Search and find items in your library of references based on tags you have provided or bibliographic information
  • Search other Connotea user libraries by tags or bibliographic information
  • Create or join a group of colleagues, collaborators, or Connotea users to share and view bookmarks
  • Create a personal profile page



  • Supplants delicious for research use by automatically pulling bibliographic information such as author and title from journals and websites. Delicious would require seperate tags for author, title, etc.
  • References can be accessed from any computer
  • Export references to EndNote, RIS, BibTex and MODS. 



  • Primarily focused on serving scientists and clinicians, which may prove limiting in other areas if potential users feel it doesn't serve their needs
  • Creating a profile page, while not complex, is more difficult then entering text in a Word document







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Administrator said

at 5:46 am on Sep 22, 2009

Great review. Also testing PB Works for using for our own application similar to this.

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