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Collection Building

DiRT (Digital Research Tools) has a new home! Please visit Bamboo DiRT to explore this excellent collection of research tools.


You can build your own collections of digital resources and make them available online.



  •  Collex: "Collex allows users to collect, annotate, and tag online objects and to repurpose them in illustrated, interlinked essays or exhibits." (Free, web-based)
  • Community Contributed Collection Web Software - CoCoCo: "a Ruby on Rails Web application used to collect and catalogue content contributed by website users. That content can be either textual or consist of uploaded files with metadata collected via form fields." (Open source, cross-platform_
  • Drop.io: "Drop.io is the simplest way to share files online. Simply set up a private space to drop any files by phone, email, web, widget or fax and then share them with whoever you want via a variety of outputs." (Commercial, web-based)
  • Gallery: "open source web based photo album organizer...an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website"
  • Greenstone: "a suite of open-source software for building and distributing digital library collections" (Free; open source, cross-platform)
  • MDID: "an online image database and multimedia instructional system designed to create and show Internet-based lectures using digitized images" (Free, web-based)
  • Omeka: "a web platform for publishing collections and exhibitions online. Designed for cultural institutions, enthusiasts, and educators, Omeka is easy to install and modify and facilitates community-building around collections and exhibits." (Free; open source, Linux/Apache/MySQL5/PHP5)
  • KORA: "KORA is an open source database driven, online digital repository that allows institutions to ingest, manage, and deliver digital objects and their corresponding metadata."





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