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Blogger Review

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Web site: www.blogger.com

Date of first review/ name of reviewer: 6/3/08 [Emily Hummel]

Additional reviewer(s):

Produced by:  Pyra Labs originally, then acquired by Google

Cost: Free

Description: Blogger is one of the many online blogging options.

Platform: Web-based





  • Extensive amounts of themes
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Easy management of posts
  • Third party applications
  • Linked to Google Account
  • Blog hosted on their server, though available on your own server as well.



  • Supports multiple languages
  • Easy to upload media (photos, video)
  • V. helpful if you don't have your own domain
  • Customizable themes, very easy to alter within the theme as well.
  • Easy to customize where modular aspects (archive, links lists, info, etc) are literally on the page - drag and drop simplicity
  • Favicons allowed
  • AdSense supported



  • Not as many plugins as Wordpress.
  • Not having your own domain name (though this is an issue with most free blog services, including Wordpress)
  • Blogger header automatically on every blog - this is easy to remove, however, with excising some html code in the template.



  • Blogger is an excellent first-time blogging software, and makes it very easy to dive right in and begin.  





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